what's the convention about?

The inaugural Singapore International Coffee Convention is the largest convention organised for the coffee business community in the region.

By merging 3 unique segments - a conference, a coffee tasting session & a coffee showcase into one blockbuster event, the convention aims to expand the sourcing scope and deepen knowledge for the coffee industry partners in Singapore and beyond. 

Here's the kicker; In addition to the international coffee convention, the Singapore Coffee Association will be holding a Specialty Coffee (Micro-Lot) Hybrid Auction.

The auction is in its 2nd edition and promising to be bigger and better than ever, by utilising a hybrid format to allow both physical and online bidding. This will allow coffee producers to market their finest and most exclusive offerings to a larger pool of potential buyers. 

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Register for the Event

Regardless whether you are bidding on the auction or just attending the conference, registration is free of charge for everyone!

Sign up here for an informative and action filled day.

emphasis on quality

All our specialty coffee beans are ethically sourced and sustainably grown with an emphasis on quality to ensure you get the best flavour in the cup!

By signing up to be a bidder here, don't miss out on the opportunity to purchase some of best and most sought after coffee in the world. 

Each bidder may request for 100g of sample green coffee beans upon registration from the auction lot of their choosing. T&Cs apply.


The auction will feature a hybrid format, with both physical and online bidders via a livestream, ensuring international buyers will be able to get in on the action.

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Coffee Producers, want your coffee to be featured in the auction come June 3rd? 

Register your interest with us HERE to reserve your slot. Registration closes on the 8th of March. Don't miss the most anticipated coffee auction of the year!

Our Sponsors

Technology Partner

ProfilePrint is a Singapore-based rapid analysis solution that uses a patented A.I. food fingerprint technology to help businesses ascertain quality and cupping scores of coffee beans. With only 50g samples, our Q-grader-trained A.I. model can generate a grading report in accordance with industry standards in seconds.

The ProfilePrint analyser works by detecting organic compounds from the bean, and translating it into a digital fingerprint, comprising sensory data as well characteristics such as density, moisture, colour, defects and size, which is then uploaded securely onto an online platform.

Buyers and sellers across the distribution chain can access the ProfilePrint Hub platform (hub.theProfilePrint.com) to view digital cupping reports, compare beans and connect with business partners around the world.

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